doctors check up after car accident

Car accidents can be either catastrophic and cause a lot of trauma or minor and cause soft tissue injury. But in order to ascertain that there is no injury or lasting effect after a car accident, you should get checked out by a doctor. Sometimes we can suffer injuries during accidents that we are not even aware of. Medically, your health is the most important thing so it is imperative that you go to the emergency room as soon as possible to make sure there are no serious injuries .
Medical Issues:Sometimes many injuries do not even manifest until hours or days after an accident. It can take some time for some symptoms to surface. There are chemicals and hormones in our body that disable us to feel pain due to the high levels of stress or adrenaline. You could have hit your head or suffered an injury to the spinal cord, and you may not even realize it. Whether the accident is serious or not, injuries can still occur so you should pay attention to what signs your body is showing you and ..

primary care doctor wont file third party claims

After you have an auto accident you may find yourself at your primary care doctors office only to find out they wont see you. They wont see you because they do not file third party claims. Third party claims in auto accident means the doctor will bill the at fault party’s insurance company.
So why wont your Primary Care Doctor file third party Claims
Your Primary care doctor usually will not file through third party claims. Primary care doctors have a billing structure that is geared more towards health insurance not auto insurance. You would think they are similar, but they are drastically different from each other. If you live in a PIP State, it is possible that your primary care doctor may file though third party claims.
In non PIP states, its almost a guarantee that your primary care doctor will not file third party claims. They generally will want you to pay out of pocket for services rendered. These medical bills may reach into the thousands. Many car wreck victims simply cannot ..

Injuries caused by seat belts

Wearing your seat belt while driving a vehicle can save your life. It decreases the chance of injury you may sustain in an auto accident. Wearing a seat belt alone does not guarantee that you won’t get hurt in a car wreck. There are times when the use of seat belt itself can add to your injuries. The seat belt itself may bring about additional injuries that you would not have had if you would not have worn it
These injuries can be caused by some factors. Injuries may be the shoulder, neck, chest, ribs, hips, stomach. Wearing a seat belt can save your life despite its shortcomings.
How these Seat Belt Injuries OccurSeat Belts are intended to lock when movement quickly changes. In a car wreck, a vehicle arrives at a sudden stop, causing a seat belt to lock. While a seat belt may save you from extreme injuries or death, it is entirely conceivable that the seat belt itself can cause injury to the driver or passengers.
Types of Seat Belt InjuriesIn a car wreck, your car stops very quickly i..

How long will I be sore after my car wreck

You may be asking yourself how long will I be sore after a car wreck. You may be sore right away or not feel any soreness at all, until a couple days after the car accident.Auto accidents can cause severe to slight injuries. How long you are sore after a car wreck depends on many factors. The type of injury you sustained has a lot to do with how long you will be sore after you car wreck. You may have suffered broken bones or have soft tissue injuries. No matter what injury you have suffered, you need to seek medical attention ASAP after you have been involved in an auto accident.
Soreness areas after an auto accident (soft tissue)
Arm PainBack PainContusions (bruising)HeadachesLeg PainMuscle WeaknessNeck PainShoulder PainWhiplashInjuries that are a direct result of a car accident have an impact of how sore you will be and how long it will last. Proper medical care can prevent soreness and pain
If you have been driving for quite some time and not experienced a car wreck, you are lucky. ..

Back Injuries from auto accidents

Forces in an auto accident can cause back injuries and other types of including whiplash. With the cars today, we have some of the most advanced safety features ever invented by man; however we still get injured in car accidents. In my opinion, the death rate has lowered, but the injury rate may have gone up.
Your back is very complex. Your spinal cord runs from your head all the way to your tailbone. It includes muscles, tendons, discs, and ligaments. Not to mention all the bones and nerves that run through it.
Symptoms of a auto accident back injuryForces and the impact of the car wreck directly determine injury. Injuries to the back should be taken very seriously. When you have an injury in one area of your back, it could affect other areas of your body, such as your legs, pain radiating up and down, muscle fatigue, numbness, and general back pain. Injuries after a car wreck can get worse with time if not treated properly and quickly.
Your back is complex
Your back has 24 vertebrae ..

why is physical therapy important after car accident

Car accidents have increased over the years. One reason could be there are far more vehicles on the road today than there were 30 years ago. Families may have had only one car in the household, whereas today, there might be 3. According to statistics, approximately near 4.4 million people in the USA are injured annually in auto accidents. Car accidents can differ in their intensity; Car wrecks injuries that are left untreated could lead to permanent injuries. Physical therapy after a car accident is very important to limit your exposure to a more serious injury or permanent one.

Physical therapy and car wreck injuriesCar wrecks can cause a variety of injuries, from broken bones to soft tissue injuries. Physical therapy is used in both to restore function to the affected area. Of course, physical therapy is very limited in broken bones cases to after they have healed. When you wear a cast for 6 weeks, you may have a hard time moving or regaining your range of motion. Physical therapy w..

Rear End Car Accidents & the most common injuries

Rear end car wrecks can result in little to no damage or a totaled car. This type of collision is the most common type of accident in the United States. Low speed impacts can still cause serious injuries. Whiplash can occur at collisions less than 10 mph. Millions of people each year are injured in rear end accidents. A read-end car accident generally causes more damage to the cervical spine than side or frontal collisions do.
Common injuries of rear end car accidentsWhiplashHead and or face injuryBroken bonesBrain InjuryArm hand or wrist InjuriesInjuries caused by wearing a seatbeltHeadachesWhiplash is probably the most common injury of any rear end accident. It’s common because of the forces involved in the collision itself. When you are hit in the rear, your body momentum thrust you forward and then slams you into the back of your seat. This whipping motion could cause tendons, muscle tissue, and ligament to stretch or tear.
Some quick facts about whiplashSymptoms could last 6 month..

Thanksgiving Accidents – the Turkey Fryer

We were going to post this before Thanksgiving, but we were a little late. We also having auto accident statistics coming up for the Thanksgiving holiday, it was just too big to include
The Thanksgiving holiday should be a time of relaxing, spending time with the family and celebration. Many auto accidents and other types of incidents happen more frequently on Thanksgiving. Drinking and driving statistics go up around the thanksgiving. More people hit the road during thanksgiving than any other holiday in the united states. We will looks at some common thanksgiving accidents and in some cases what can be done to prevent such accidents from even occurring. These accidents can occur in your home, kitchen, backyard, or on the road. Auto accidents during Thanksgiving will be covered at a later date
Turkey fryer accidentsI’m not sure how many of you have had a fried turkey, but let me tell you it is much better than your grandmother’s baked turkey. Fried Turkey in my opinion is the only way..

Holiday and Christmas Accidents

It seems that during the months of December through Feb are when the most house fires are recorded. Christmas being the highest of these. Candles and lights are the number one cause of the fires. Christmas trees can light up like a roman candle if not handled properly. Christmas trees burn with intensity, although it is short lived, it can cause devastating property damage and may cause loss of life.
Christmas Trees
Christmas tree fires have resulted in 260 Home fires, resulting in 24 injuries, 12 deaths and 16 million in property damage. Christmas trees and decorations result in twice the injuries and 5 times more fatalities per fire than the average holiday fire. Make sure to keep your natural Christmas tree hydrated and water it daily. A dry Christmas tree with lights giving off heat is a disaster waiting to happen. Keep Animals and pets away from your tree. Our cat likes to chew on our Christmas Tree, and has bitten the wires that run the lights.
Christmas Lights and extension cord..

Common Injuries with Rear End Car Accidents

Common Injuries With Rear End Car AccidentsRear End accidents are probably the most frequent type of auto accident in the united states. These car wrecks can cost millions to insurance companies, and to victims injured in the incident. Rear end accidents generally are considered low impact car wrecks, however, as we all know low impact does not necessary mean no injury. Serious injuries could occur in rear end auto accidents as well. Medical treatment can range from just physical therapy to surgery, depending on the extent of your injuries and the severity of your rear end car accident.
Definition of a rear end car accidentRear end accidents occur when one vehicle strikes another in the back. We would not say its considered a fender bender. We consider rear end car accidents much worse than fender benders. The most common injuries are whiplash. Whiplash can occur in rear end accidents when cars at moving less than 8 mph. The severity and extent of your injury in a rear end car accident..