Should you drive you car after an accident

Signs that you should not drive your damaged car after an accidentCar accidents normally cause some damage to your vehicle. The one question that you might have is if you can drive your damaged car after an accident. Is it safe, or should you hire someone to tow your car away? There are many things that you should consider when you were in a car accident and you want to drive with your car right away.
Being in a car accident can leave you stranded, literally. Many people forget that not all of us have two cars, some family’s only have one car and it might be an older vehicle. In a minor accident, some people may fell there car is road worthy and continue to drive it. Not because they want to, because they have to.
In some cases, it might be considered safe, while in other cases it can be really dangerous. These are some things that you should consider and look for, before you drive your car after an accident:
Any of the lights aren’t workingThe first thing that you should look for befo..

What you should do when you see a car accident

A car accident is happening in front of you. What will you do? what should you do? Will you just drive away or will you stop and see if you can assist? There are some people that will just pass without worrying about the people in the vehicles. And, then there are the people that will put themselves in danger to try to assist the people in a car accident.
There are a couple of things that you should do when you see a car accident. Things that you can do to assist the people in the vehicles without putting yourself in danger.
Remember these, next time when you are witnessing a car accident:Make sure that you are safe first, then stopThe first and most important thing that you can do, is to make sure that you are safe before you are stopping to assist. Make sure that your vehicle is parked in a safe zone and that you are turning on your hazard light.
This is a mistake that so many people are making when they came across a car accident. They are stopping right away and run to assist. Not ..

Does my health insurance plan cover car accident injuries?

Can i use my health insurance for a car wreckSo many don’t really understand about their health insurance plan and car accidents. And, the result is that they are struggling to get their medical bills paid after an accident. It is essential to know if your health insurance plan is covering a car accident injury, or if you are going to pay it yourself. In some cases, you can make use of PIP or Med Pay to ensure that your medical bills are paid. The more information you have about your health insurance plan, you will understand if your health insurance will pay for your accident injuries. This is everything you need to know to have the reassurance that your medical bills are paid:
Do health insurance plans cover car accident injuries?It depends on the type of health insurance plan that you have. Most if not all health coverage do not cover accident injuries, while others do cover any accident injuries.
The problem is that there are many people that think that they don’t need to worry abo..

Baby car seats

Is your child really going to be safe when you are in a car accidentBaby car seats. Something essential for every vehicle that is transporting a child or toddler. You need to know that when you are in an accident, your child is having the risk of getting the most injured. Statistics show that having a right car seat for your toddler is the only way that you can make sure that they are safe.
However, there are so many debates that says that a baby seat can also be dangerous for your child. What is the truth and how can we make sure that our young ones are safe when every parent’s worst nightmare happens?
Shocking statistics about baby car seatsIf you are considering driving your child without a baby seat, you need to read about these shocking statistics. This is a wakeup call for those parents that think that their children are fine without one, or who thinks that getting in an accident, is going to be slim.
In the USA, the number one cause of the death of children at the age of 4 and 1..

Texting and Driving

Texting and drivingOur cell phones have become a big part of our lives. A couple of years back, we didn’t know that smartphones existed, and now we can’t go without it. However, this is also the reason for many car accidents. People that are texting while driving, or even worse when they are talking on the phone and driving. What are the facts and law about texting and driving? This is everything you need to know before you are texting again, while you are behind the wheel of your car.
On a personal level, I have seen texting and driving many times. Everytime i drive anywhere, i can see someone looking down at their phone instead of the road. It is almost turned into an epidemic. School your teenagers and take heed. I think the issue of texting while driving will only get worse.
Statistics of texting and drivingHalf of the car accidents in the US have phone involved, either by texting and driving, or taking phone calls.
It is shocking when you are looking at the statistics of using a p..

Car Wreck Help

Car wreck Help. Facts and tips that you need to know
Need help after a car accident?, i think the majority of people do. Most people have no idea what to do after they have been involved in a car wreck. Car accidents are no fun, and when they happen, you need to know about get the the right help afterwards. Getting bad advice from neighbors or family members should be at the top of the list. I have seen people take some pretty bad advice from others who have no idea what they are talking about. Some might say that they know what to do, but most are not sure what to do and what help they should get after the accident.
Getting help after your car accident:These thing listed below are about helping yourself. When you have been in a car wreck, your doctor, nor attorney are at the scene of you car wreck. The help we are talking about below is you helping yourself and protecting yourself after a car wreck. When you see the doctor or an attorney, these things will help them, as well as you. ..

Signs to look for if you are Injured in a car wreck

Car accidents are never fun. No matter if the accident was a minor accident or a huge accident. Shock, adrenaline, and stress might be hiding the fact that you were injured in the accident. Some people may think they are fine and not go to the er or they think the accident was just a minor fender bender and they will be fine.
It is important that if you don’t get medical assistance right away, you need to look for these signs that you might be injured after a car accident. Especially in the first 48 hours. remember, some injuries may not show up right away, it may take days or weeks for them to present themselves.
signs that you are injured in a car accident1.Dizziness or nauseaMany are feeling dizzy and nausea after an accident and they think that this might be because of the shock. This might be true, but there can be more serious reasons why you are feeling dizzy or nausea. Even, if you think that you might be dizzy or throwing up because of shock, you still need medical attention…

common mistakes people make after a car wreck

People make a lot of common mistakes after they have been involved in a car accident. Being involved in a car accident is the worst thing that can happen to you. And, most of us don’t really think clearly after an accident due to shock or even pain. This is when most people are starting to make mistakes. Mistakes that can harm you later on. If you know the common mistakes that people are making after a car accident, it will be easier to know what not to do. This can assist you in the court case later on if you did everything correctly.
These are some of the common mistakes people make after a car accident:1: Not phoning the policeOne of the most serious mistakes that people are making a car accident, is the fact that they don’t call the police right away. They might think that the accident wasn’t serious or that you and the other party isn’t really injured and don’t need police at the scene. Not that this is a common mistake, people do do it from time to time
The rules and regulations ..

Snow and Ice Car Accidents

Having lived in the south for all of my life, its very rare we get snow, much less ice on the roads. This Winter season has been a little bit colder than we are use to. Of course, the further you go north, the more you have ice and snow on the road conditions. Us southerners are just not equipped to deal with snow and ice on the roads. Atlanta and its metropolitan area has been hit hard these past few months with snow and ice. The most snow i have seen in fact. I was just reading about a horrible car accident involving 2 people who were killed down in Macon because of ice on the roads. Another Cobb county man was killed in paulding county when he lost control of his truck after hitting some ice and left the roadway.
Car accidents caused by ice or snow on the roadwaysWe have had a lot of car accidents and injuries resulting from people having to travel. These Car accidents may have occurred when there was ice and snow on the road. Your car will not gain any traction in ice. Snow is a di..

doctors check up after car accident

Car accidents can be either catastrophic and cause a lot of trauma or minor and cause soft tissue injury. But in order to ascertain that there is no injury or lasting effect after a car accident, you should get checked out by a doctor. Sometimes we can suffer injuries during accidents that we are not even aware of. Medically, your health is the most important thing so it is imperative that you go to the emergency room as soon as possible to make sure there are no serious injuries .
Medical Issues:Sometimes many injuries do not even manifest until hours or days after an accident. It can take some time for some symptoms to surface. There are chemicals and hormones in our body that disable us to feel pain due to the high levels of stress or adrenaline. You could have hit your head or suffered an injury to the spinal cord, and you may not even realize it. Whether the accident is serious or not, injuries can still occur so you should pay attention to what signs your body is showing you and ..